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Building resilience by empowering communities

Groundwork and the British Red Cross have partnered with Aviva to pilot Building Resilience Together: a programme that aims to set up community resilience hubs across the UK. These hubs will help people to get involved with effective emergency planning, response and recovery in the face of developing climate emergencies. The hubs will be recognised local centres with the goal of building local preparedness and resilience.

Why Resilience Hubs?

Emergencies are increasing in frequency and intensity around the globe. The likelihood of long-term and short-term disruptions such as heatwaves, floods, and other extreme weather events exacerbated by climate change is also increasing.

The effects of these are wide-ranging and challenging, and communities are often unprepared and unaware of the risks they face when emergency strikes. A proactive and a more positive outcome can be reached through a community-level risk awareness approach that builds resilience and preparedness ahead of crises occurring. This approach includes building an understanding of the community, its diversity, strengths and vulnerabilities, and its dependency on effective engagement from community volunteers in the different levels of resilience planning processes.

Community resilience hubs, run by the communities they are in and supported by local organisations and the Building Resilience Together team, will integrate these different elements through providing a space for partnership building, networking, training and the storage of equipment and resources.

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